7 quick tips for writing blog post titlesAs a long time blogger one of the first mistakes I’ve seen bloggers make is with their blog post titles. It’s easy to get carried away. I put together a few quick tips for bloggers on how to create a blog post title that helps you instead of hinders you. A great blog post may never be seen if its hidden behind a bad title.

  1. Be direct. Don’t get overly creative with your words. Direct titles make points clean and tell the reader exactly what a blog post is about. If you’re using phrases like, “Instagram: To Be or Not to Be” to describe a blog post about deciding whether to use Instagram or not, you’re avoiding what the topic is. Every time it’s shared on social media it’s less likely to be clicked on because no one can be sure exactly what information they’re going to get from it.
  2. If you’re writing a post with multiple points, tips, or bulleted information then it’s best to make a title like this blog post has. “7 Reasons to XYZ” or “Top 10 Tips for XYZ” are great ways to let people know exactly how much information you’re going to provide in the post you’re sharing with readers. They’re also direct and sound boring, but people will get it.
  3. If you’re writing a post with directions on how to do something, the best title you can select is, “How to XYZ.” You fill in the blank with whatever it is you’re teaching.
  4. Pick titles that are most likely to be searched. The goal of writing a blog post is to provide people with information that helps them. One of the number one places people head to search for information is Google. Imagine what you (or them) may be typing into the search engine to come across the information you’re sharing – and use that as inspiration for your title.
  5. Don’t make your titles ridiculously long. Not only is it unnecessary, but Google also cuts them off in search results.
  6. Whatever your blog post is about, try to use that keyword somewhere in the title!
  7. If you’re ever struggling with writing a blog post this tip may be my best kept secret. If you’re not sure what to write about, come up with a title first, using one of the examples listed in this post below. Then fill in the “XYZ” with whatever topic you want to write about. Voila, now you have a title that will help you outline the post.
    1. How to XYZ
    2. Top 10 (or whatever number) Tips for XYZ
    3. 7 (or whatever number) Reasons to XYZ

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