Top 5 Lessons I've Learned as a Blogger

  1. The 30/70 rule. This rule I learned from reading an blog post. I never knew there was a real rule for it before, but I love the idea behind it. Typically when we’re getting used to blogging more we want to spend more of our time coming up with blog ideas, actually writing them, and doing all that other behind the scenes stuff. We tend to spend 70% of our time writing stuff and then only 30% promoting it, when in fact it should be the opposite. Spend less time writing and worrying and more time getting your posts out there and following up on them. The blog post I linked above has some really good tips for quick ways you can spend time promoting your post.
  2. You can build SEO organically. I’ve seen a lot of business owners freak out over SEO, but one of the easiest and most simple ways to build SEO is simply by blogging consistently. The more content you create and put out there, the more there is to read and categorize for Google. Google sees all this relevant information you’re sharing and starts to see what a good resource you are and eventually your SEO builds as naturally as your traffic does. You don’t need to run out and hire an SEO person to create great SEO on your own.
  3. It’s hard to see feedback. You can write and write and write some more and maybe get a few stray comments here and there on the blog. You can even share in tons of places. It’s really hard to follow feedback and traffic when it comes to blogging. You just have to hang in there and eventually you’ll see your stats change. A quick way to get access to accurate stats on your blog is to connect Google Analytics so you can see what people are clicking on and interacting with most. I also love the WordPress Jetpack plugin for its social sharing buttons that you can add to the bottom of each post. Those buttons will track a total number of times your post has been shared on various social media platforms. So it’s a really great way to see how things are trending and going. I love going back to an old blog post and discovering it has been shared on Facebook hundreds of times and pinned on Pinterest thousands of times. It’s a great way to see that more passive traffic and know you’re making a difference when you feel like nobody is reading!
  4. Just write. People often tell me that the reason I’m a blogger is because I’m great at writing. Let’s be real honest. I’m not that great at writing. I just write like I talk. You don’t have to be a writer to write a blog post, you just need to have useful information to share that will help people. I used to get very hung up on the fact that writing wasn’t something I was great at. Now when I need to blog, I just start writing and rambling and inevitably most of the time people say it helps them. The more you write, the easier blogging gets over time
  5. Put calls to action directly in your posts. One of the biggest things I’ve learned about asking your readers to take action is to put a call to action and links to things you think they’d like right in your post. Sidebar advertisements and other links never get as many clicks as something written right inside a blog post! Here’s a blog post from Made in the Lab on how to use a call to action in a blog post!

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