3 Things We Can Learn About Branding From AppleWhenever I teach branding to photographers and other creative business owners I talk about Apple or Canon and other big brand names. There’s a reason that I mention Apple specifically. It’s because they have a really strong brand. We can learn so much from their large company about how to handle branding in our small ones. The things I’ve learned from these big companies are simple messages that can completely change any business.

Intense Loyalty

Branding is a unique marketing tool for business owners. A brand is so much more than just your logo or color scheme. Those things only exist to reinforce the feeling your business creates for its customers. That’s what your brand really is. It’s a feeling. When your brand has done a good job it creates passionate feelings, or intense feelings. These feelings can be both positive or negative. Apple does an awesome job creating intense passion toward their products. Have you ever noticed that people either absolutely love Apple and recommend it to all their friends? Or they can’t stand it and will never use any of their products? This intense loyalty actually works in Apple’s favor because it creates raving fans. These raving fans become walking, talking billboards and refer their products out to everyone who hasn’t decided.

Customer Identity

Apple has done a great job identifying who their ideal client is so they can market directly to that person. They know exactly what their ideal client does on the weekend, how they use their products, and all of their personal interests. They can cater all of their marketing directly to the the types of people who fit that profile. If we start doing this with our branding then we’ll benefit from marketing to our ideal clients as well.

Great Marketing

Since Apple knows exactly who their ideal marketing is, they can create amazing marketing schemes. Their marketing is great. They do an awesome job creating a huge demand and desire with their marketing. Think about it. Every time a new iPhone comes out, everyone lines up to get the latest and greatest. Our job as photographers is to create a desire for what we do. Photography isn’t something people need to live, but it’s our job to make them want it so bad they feel like they need it!

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