6 THINGS YOU DIDN'T REALIZE WERE PART OF YORU BUSINESS BRANDEvery time we chat about branding on Rock Your Weird we talk about it in terms of the personal things that make your brand really stand out. Sometimes it’s easy to forget all of the small things and little details that go into a personal brand and personality marketing in general. Here are some of the things people often forget about.

  1. Your personal Instagram photos. Those photos of your kids and pets and the hikes you do on the weekend with your spouse are all part of your personal brand. They tell your customers what matters most to you and how you view the most important things in your life. A lot of customers will also find it relatable that you love your kids, dogs and free time as much as they do. It shows them you’re a real person with real feelings.
  2. Everything you post on Facebook, even on your personal page. Everything you post on Facebook, even on your personal profile, tells something about you to the people who read it. If your posting negative commentary about your BFF who slighted you on your personal page, you never know who is reading that message and what impact it may have on your brand. Always keep things positive and light.
  3. Your hobbies and personal interests in movies, tv, and things you do for fun. If you’re super into the outdoors and camping, or nerdy things (like me), then those things become a big part of your brand identity. Those are the things your customers will find in common with you so it’s great to let people in on the secret on social media or in your online presence in general so they can relate to what you’re into.
  4. How you dress and present yourself. How you present yourself to other people definitely plays a big role in how they perceive you. You can still dress professionally, but incorporate pieces and accessories into your outfit that really showcase your personality.
  5. Your personality when someone meets you in person. Your personality may polarize people when you meet in person, but it’s definitely part of your branding. If you’re quiet and shy that probably comes across in your brand overall and if you’re loud and weird that comes across too!
  6. Your quirky habits. If you’re weird like me (and I hope you are) then all your quirky habits can become those guilty pleasures that people will laugh and relate to. It’s okay to be a little vulnerable because your customers will find that very authentic!

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