How to Know if You Need Branding HelpHow do you know when something is missing in your business? Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what exactly is missing and how to fix it. Often times people resort to doing “rebranding” as if changing their look will be enough to refresh business and get new clients in, but that’s not always the case.

Rebranding is a great idea in theory, but most business owners focus on only the visual side, when the real work should be done on your message instead. It can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint exact issues and what the problem is and how to solve it when you’re in business. You’re head is so stuck in business it’s impossible to look at your business from a bird’s-eye-view and really see what’s going on.

I put together a few tips today for you guys so you’d know when and if you need branding help. I often see these problems met with “oh I just need to get better SEO” or “I should just post more often on social media.” Those things do help, but without a specific purpose and direction they don’t end up lasting or producing long term results. If you need branding help with your message that’s one of the things I do here at Rock Your Weird! Instead of focusing on the visual aspects of a logo and color scheme and revitalizing your website we really sit down and make sure the words and message on your website, blog, and social media fit your message and are something your potential clients will strongly connect to. If people are connecting to your message then other elements like SEO are really easy to build at that point! Here’s a few ways to know if you need some branding help!


  1. People are visiting your website, but nobody is actually inquiring.
  2. People may inquire for your services, but not follow up and book.
  3. When you meet people in person it’s difficult for you to connect with them.
  4. You’re very focused on ‘sales-y’ messages on your social media or blog by trying to sell people things or offering tons of discounts.
  5. Your business was doing really well for awhile, but things have drastically slowed down and you don’t know why.
  6. You don’t know what to blog about.
  7. It’s hard to decide what to post on social media.
  8. You don’t feel confident in your business when you think about the content you’re putting out on your website and online in general.
  9. When a client does book you and you get to know them in-person you connect really well, but you don’t think that in-person personality matches the one online.
  10. You are booking several clients, enough to get by and make a profit, but they’re not the exact types of clients you’d really love working with.
  11. You get a lot of inquiries that are just looking for a cheap service, or people try to talk you down in price.

If any of these or many of them are problems for you it might be that you really need to work on the message within your brand, the part that people connect to emotionally. If you can focus your business on building trust and connections with potential clients everything about business becomes easier and you become happier with your work too! If you think these are things you need help with, come sign up for coaching with me or shoot me an email and we’ll chat!

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