how to make a brand more than a logoWhen your business is connected to an emotion or evokes an emotional response in your customers you’re doing something right, but we often get caught up in building a business or a website and just think of branding in terms of a logo, a theme, a color scheme, or the visual representation of you on a website. If you read last week’s blog post about the two most important elements of your brand then you’ll know more of what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read it yet (GO DO IT). Today’s blog post is a follow up to that. These are some practical starter tips for taking your branding to the next level.

  1. Your brand doesn’t just have to be a color scheme or visual theme that you really like the look of. Just because your favorite color is purple doesn’t mean your business also needs to be that color. When it comes down to representing the visual side of an emotional connection to a business there may be different colors and textures that will help you evoke that vibe in your brand. Don’t limit yourself to just one thing because it’s pretty, popular, or your personal favorite.
  2. Write down a list of words that describe your personality. A good place to start is to sit down and right a list of positive words that describe your personality. Yes, I said positive. This isn’t a time to sit down and  think about all the things you don’t like about yourself. If you think you’re funny, sarcastic, clean, organized, colorful or something else…write that down! You can use these descriptive words to build a visual brand that really represents who you are as a person.
  3. Write down a list of words that describe how you want your clients to feel. Now that we have a list of words about who you are, let’s write a list about how you want your clients to feel when they work with you (however that may be). Obviously you should also keep this list positive. I always want people to feel confident, engaged, motivated, excited, energetic, and unique when they work with me.
  4. When pinning on Pinterest don’t just pin things that reflect a visual you want to replicate. Pin things that replicate a vibe you want to replicate. A lot of businesses use Pinterest as a way build a new brand. It can be so easy to get caught up in pinning pretty things that match the colors you want, but don’t have the vibe that matches the lists you’ve created that describe you and your clients. I alway like to pin various word “sentiments” or quotes when building a new brand. It helps me put into words how I want other people to feel when they encounter this new brand. It’s okay to get out of the visual mindset on Pinterest and take the time to pin some words and thoughts.
  5. Give it some time. A good brand doesn’t develop overnight. It takes time and though to create something that will have a positive impact and bring a lot of abundance to your business. Want to know  why the word ‘re-brand’ exists? Because each time you re-brand it’s one step closer to being a little bit more authentic to who you are as a business owner.

Group coaching is coming up and you can sign up over here. It starts March 23rd and I’d love to have you there so I can walk you through this process and make sure that your brand is two-fold, with a complete picture and a concrete message to your customers. Group coaching is limited to 10 spots, but if you really feel that one-on-one coaching is something you need we can do that too! In the meantime make sure you follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Periscope(@carrieswails) so I can keep you in the loop and help you learn more about branding, your message, and how to take that to the next level!

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