two most important elements of your brandThe biggest mistake you can ever make with your business’ brand is to assume the only important part is the visual element of your brand. You’ve got your logo and your color scheme and you’re good right?

No, your brand is so much more than how it looks. In fact, I’d argue that your presence is the important factor and the visual element is secondary and is there to re-enforce the other part. We can call that your presence, personality, the emotional element, your brand identity or whatever else. What matters is that your brand NEEDS that presence. It needs a little bit of soul in it, am I right?

Here’s what I know about great brands. Great brands create passion. Passion can be both a negative or positive word. Your brand should create intense passion whether it’s positive or negative. If your brand creates a real neutral or wish-washy feeling then something isn’t right. It’s your job to polarize people and that’s when you find people will truly love your brand. If they don’t love it, that’s okay. As the old saying goes, “You can’t please everyone. You aren’t a jar of Nutella.”

In order to properly discuss all the important parts of a brand I think we first need to discuss that emotional element and really define what it is. Your brand is the way you make people feel. It’s how you connect to people. A great brand is something people are emotionally invested in and take a stance for. If you look at something like Apple, for example, you can see a company that has created a lot of intense passion around their brand. A lot of people are passionate about Apple products. They either absolutely love them or can’t stand them. It’s pretty rare I meet someone that has no opinion about them at all. That passion Apple has created is to their success. It means that when people endorse their product they endorse it whole-heartedly and not because anything else is motivating them. For your brand to truly be successful attracting clients to your business it needs to have some soul in it. It needs your personality and people need to feel connected to you beyond the services and products you offer.

The visual element of your brand is the second part. It’s that logo or color scheme that makes your brand identifiable. In order for the visual element to work correctly you have to get that strong identity or sense of soul in your brand. When people connect to your brand on an emotional level the visual element serves as something that re-enforces that emotional connection. Every time someone encounters something that visually reminds them of your brand they are going to think of your personality. That visual side helps make your brand memorable. We want people to love your personality and feel such a deep connection to your brand that other things they see remind them of you on a regular basis.

That’s what a strong brand is. You need both of these elements of a great brand working together to rock your business! If you need help identifying what that soul or emotional part of your brand is don’t be afraid. That’s something I do here at Rock Your Weird. It can be incredibly hard to sit down and think about that part of your brand and identify those things it needs to have on your own. A lot of people need help. Experienced business owners and newbies alike have done coaching with me and found such a great success in learning how to bring the soul back into their brand and use the visual element to reinforce it.

Group coaching is coming up and you can sign up over here. It starts March 23rd and I’d love to have you there so I can walk you through this process and make sure that your brand is two-fold, with a complete picture and a concrete message to your customers. Group coaching is limited to 10 spots, but if you really feel that one-on-one coaching is something you need we can do that too! In the meantime make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope (@carrieswails) so I can keep you in the loop and help you learn more about branding, your message, and how to take that to the next level!

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