why you need to develop a business traditionHave you ever followed or used a business that seems to have a “thing” it does regularly with all its customers and clients? I know, that probably doesn’t make sense. I just mean a business that has a little tradition it does with everyone. You might be thinking that there are places that always send candy when they ship your order, or dinosaurs (hello Photojojo!). This is kind of like that. What I wanted to blog about today was developing a tradition in your business. Something you’re known for, that clients enjoy and also expect from you. It could be something you ship to them whenever they order if your business is something that’s online. Or, it could be something you do with customers in person if you have a storefront or interact with clients face-to-face.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about. In terms of photography I see wedding photographers that take selfies with all their clients at the end of the session. This is an awesome tradition. It’s something I even tried out in the last year as well. However, what I’ve been thinking about is how I can take that to the next level and what that would look like. I need some ‘next-level’ stuff up in here you guys!

So here’s what my personal plan is as a wedding photographer this year. I want to take the ‘client selfie’ idea up to something new and different and I was thinking about having all my clients do a light-saber video battle, or a light-saber photo. I think it would be amazing to have this content to post on social media, it’s perfectly related to my brand, and it gives each client a really fun memory or interaction with my business. It’s something unique to me, which is what great branding is all about.

That’s what I’m working on developing right now peeps. I’m wondering what you think you can develop with your clients that’s unique to you and your personality. It should be something that not only gives them a unique experience with you, but also something to blog about, put on social media and use to your advantage too. Plus, it should be fun! Who doesn’t like fun, right?!

That’s my thought this week and I hope you get thinking too about what tradition you can start to develop with your business that your clients will not only look forward to, but will also further your business and take it to the next level! Group coaching is coming up this summer and you can sign up over here. I’d love to have you there so I can walk you through this process and make sure that your brand is two-fold, with a complete picture and a concrete message to your customers. Group coaching is limited to 10 spots, but if you really feel that one-on-one coaching is something you need we can do that too! In the meantime make sure you follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Periscope (@carrieswails) so I can keep you in the loop and help you learn more about branding, your message, and how to take that to the next level!

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