3-reasons-why-you-are-scared-to-automate-business3-reasons-why-you-are-scared-to-automate-businessAutomation is my best friend when it comes to being a business owner. It’s the reason my businesses thrive and it’s what gives me so much freedom to focus on the stuff that actually matters and not the little day to day tasks that are easy to fall behind on. Sometimes when I’m hanging out with other business owners and bring the idea up they freak out a little. I hear the “oh that sounds awesome I need to learn that.” Then when it comes down to it something stops them from actually taking that step. These are the biggest reasons entrepreneurs end up not automating things in their business and why you should ignore them and do it anyway. The benefits outweigh the problems for sure!

  1. It will cost too much and you’re scared of spending more money than you make. I get it, I really do. I am always hesitant to invest in something that I don’t know will bring back income. Programs that help you automate your business do cost money – there’s no getting around that. Sometimes it’s just hard to figure out where that investment will pay out in the end. I was always told that “it costs money to make money” and for that reason I like to think critically about my investments and see how they can benefit me in the long run. While automation things like email or social media my not seem like the fanciest marketing move out there, or something that will get you directly in front of potential customers, it is something that can make a huge difference. Instead of thinking of it as investing in a luxury for your business that you could do on your own consider it paying for consistency. Whatever aspects you decide to automate in business are ones that will create a lot of consistency between you and your clients. That consistent social media presence or consistent email communication with clients helps create a huge amount of trust. Trust creates referrals. We want your clients to become walking talking billboards that rave about you. Consistency helps you be more organized and saves you a ton of time as well. When you have more of that free time you can also put that time to good use in your business by doing more work or more marketing to inevitably make more income. Truly what it comes down to is how you look at an investment. It can be hard to see where an investment like automation can bring in new clients, but think critically about how these kinds of investments can actually benefit your business down the line. For me automating things like social media creates a really consistent social media presence, so it helps keep my marketing efforts consistent when I’m overwhelmed with work, out of town, or just too exhausted to deal with business stuff. Don’t be afraid to spend money in business, but make sure that what you do invest is something worthwhile for you.
  2. You clients will notice and dislike it. When I tell people that I automate my email communication with my wedding photography clients I often hear that it seems really fake or that clients will think it’s weird. Trust me. I thought my clients would think it’s weird too. So I waited YEARS before I decided to give it a try. I’m honest with my clients up front that the emails they get between booking and their wedding date are automated because it helps me to ensure I’m giving consistent service and experience to all my clients and that no one falls through the cracks. Turns out clients love it. They rave about how it helps them before they even realize they needed the info. When the email communications are helpful, resourceful and caring clients like it. It’s easy to dismiss it because it sounds so impersonal, but often the email sends out one automation, the client hits reply and then we do have a personal conversation. It just helps keep both the client and I on task.
  3. It sounds like too much work to set up. The truth is, it can be. Setting up a social media library to automate, or other various programs does take time. You might spend several hours up front setting things up, but then think of the hours you’ll save afterward. You can actually take just a few days and get these types of automations set up in your business. Even though it costs you time to set up, it’s easier than you think and that might just be something you have to get over. Good things take a lot of work. đŸ˜‰

The truth is, if you’re scared to automate things you’re just making excuses. Change is hard and when you’re in a place where things are working it’s hard to imagine changing it up. Business is something where you always need to be challenging yourself to do better and make things more awesome for yourself and for your clients. At the end of the day you didn’t start a business so you could spend all your time working on business and no time on yourself or your family. So you have to stop being scared and start being ready to try new things!

One of my favorite things to automate is passive income. I use affiliate marketing often to my photography clients as a way to bring in a little bit extra here and there. If you’re interested in learning about it I have a free video course you can check out to learn about what affiliate marketing is and how you can start using it!


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