5 reasons to not worry about business copycatsOne of the side effects of having a truly unique brand that is authentically you is having a ton of business copycats. People love authentic people. People love it when they see someone who seems confident in their own skin and often what happens in business is they want to replicate that. Instead of replicating the feeling you create for them with their own customers, they think the best way to do it is to copy what you’re doing. Unfortunately, that means you get a copycat.

I speak from experience. I have a very unique brand for my wedding photography. That brand doesn’t exist just in business, that brand is my personality and that’s a huge part of why it’s been so successful for me. Other business owners and photographers who follow along see that success and want it for themselves and think the best way to do it is to be the same as me, so they start pinning Doctor Who wedding ideas even though they don’t know what Doctor Who is, or they start rebranding with a similar goal. Sometimes they steal phrases off your website and use it as their own to market the same exact things. I’ve had that happen numerous times.

It’s happening more often to me lately and I’ll admit, it annoys me. However, it’s also flattering that others see something you do and want to do it too. Here’s what I’ve learned about copycats though and why you shouldn’t worry about them.

  1. You are the only you. You’re the only one that can do business like you. Nobody else can do everything exactly the way that you do it. Nobody can copy your level of quality and customer service.
  2. They haven’t truly figured out their own brand identity yet and that’s why they’re copying you. If someone is copying you, it’s likely they haven’t truly spent time on themselves to know who they are. They don’t know their own personality well enough to know what makes them unique, but they love what makes you unique and copy it. Not everyone has the luck or ability to figure themselves out early in life, and sometimes people spend their entire lives trying to be like someone else instead of accepting themselves for who they are. Just love yourself and hope that they will love themselves too one day.
  3. They are never going to reach a true level of success trying to be someone else. No matter how much they copy you or how much they try to be like you, they are never going to reach a fulfilling level of success when they try to be someone else.
  4. They don’t have your level of experience. You’re the only one that brings your level of experience to the table, so if someone is trying to copy your business they can’t offer what you offer.
  5. They’re not being truly authentic. Authenticity has become a huge part of our current culture. People are attracted to businesses that are authentic and being themselves. People will see through a business that doesn’t seem to be really authentic and is trying to be something they’re not.

I know it is never fun watching your business be copied by someone else. Hopefully these reminders will help you remember that at the end of the day, to worry most about what you’re doing. The copycats will find someone else to copy when they realize that being you is becoming too hard. Customers who really love what you’re doing are going to continue to love what you’re doing and will see through the copycats. Just keep being you, focus on your business, rock it and you’ll be fine.

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