how to create healthy habits when working from homeI’m going to lay out the honest truth for you here about being a business owner and staying healthy. I have failed at it – A LOT. I’ve failed at it enough to have eventually succeeded and it’s something I’m still working on. When I went full time as a business owner my entire lifestyle changed. Instead of working a job where I was on my feet all day and far more active, I was working a job where I sat on my couch all day and spent an awful lot of time on the computer. I went from active to sedentary and my eating style still reflected that of someone who was pretty active. Habits die hard and a few years later and MANY MANY pounds I can tell you I got to a point of no return and finally put in the work. I was so focused on business and that every day hustle that I stopped taking care of myself.
Last year I lost about 50 pounds and I still have plenty to go, but I finally took the time to develop some healthy habits that worked better for my newer lifestyle. I’m still adding on and changing those habits regularly and I’ve learned a ton. It’s important to put in the hustle for your business to succeed the way you want, but it’s also important to stay healthy in the process. I can’t wait to reflect on this in another year and see how much more I’ve improved. I’m a big fan of slow changes, slow weight loss instead of taking the easiest and quickest ways out. I wanted to lose weight, obviously, but more importantly I wanted to develop new habits that can stick with me for the future and a lifetime.  Here’s a few of the changes I made that helped me make some significant changes!
  1. Stand up regularly – I got an Apple watch last year and one of the options it has is a reminder to tell you to stand up every hour and move around. This is amazing for a business owner who does a lot of sedentary work in long intervals. Whether you have an Apple watch or some other device, set reminders and alarms for yourself to get up and stand for at least a minute for 12 hours out of the day. This will help you stay more focused and productive in your work as well.
  2. Designate a workout time – I’m still working on becoming a regular exerciser. I won’t deny what a huge struggle it is, but I’m working on it and slowly overcoming it! Designating a workout time in my schedule helps me stick to it. In fact, when you work from home one of the most successful things you can do is to make yourself a daily schedule and stick to it. It’s so easy to just do whatever you want whenever you want because you can, but if you have a schedule you’re more likely to manage your time better and be more productive in that time. Plus, you can work in some much deserved workout time too!
  3. Use a fitness tracker! Whether it’s an Apple watch or a Fitbit or whatever else you like, a fitness tracker can help you set goals to get you moving somehow and remind you to meet those goals.
  4. Meal prep! Oh my goodness this was such a game changer for me. I can’t cook. I mean I really can’t cook. Just last month I was trying to make rice and I burnt it. The rice…Oy! I found a company that pre-cooked meals for people. They were also well proportioned to help you eat smaller meals a little more often. This was such a big deal. I realized my biggest problem working from home was my metabolism. Some days I’d get so involved in working on a project that I’d forget to eat and then I’d eat one big meal. There’s no way my body was digesting this correctly. I started buying these pre-prepared meals to make sure I was eating enough throughout the day and spreading it out. Eventually I switched to doing my own meal prep and recycled this company’s containers for my own personal use to help me measure and count everything out. Yay!
  5. Set reminders! If you have issues with eating only a couple big meals a day or metabolism in general setting reminders to eat and drink water can help so much. I started using a reminder and alarm system to tell me when to eat my meals and when to drink water and this made everything so much easier. It trained my body to recognize when I was going to be hungry again. Now, for the first time in years I can actually tell when I’m hungry and eating smaller meals more often at my alarms helps me ensure I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy!
Staying healthy when you have all the time in the world to make your own schedule is so hard. If you have any tips to add, leave them for us in the comments! If you’re interested in more blog posts like this follow Rock Your Weird on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get updates. You can also subscribe below to my weekly ‘behind the business’ newsletter full of insight on how running a business actually goes down behind the scenes. You get to be a fly on my wall and learn from my successes and failures with me! We have a Facebook community where you can join and get some business help from other entrepreneurs like yourself. You can also find me out on Periscope regularly broadcasting awesome stuff for you too! Thanks for reading!

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