How to Stop Letting Other People Run Your Business For YouWhether you’re new or experienced when it comes to owning your own business you’ve probably experienced a time where you let other people make your decisions for you and in the end it probably didn’t make you happy. You’re reading this because you started a business for yourself. You’ve got your reasons, but you wanted the freedom to be the boss and do something that makes you truly happy without everyone weighing in on it. Only maybe the opposite happened and when you became your own boss everyone made it their business to weigh in on yours.

Business is a lengthy process of learning so you’re not going to have everything figured out right away and you are going to make so many  mistakes along the way (but they’ll be awesome anyway). Because it’s something you may not have experience in, you’re naturally a little less confident in what you’re offering, starting the business and your ability to make it a sustainable thing that can put a roof over your head and food on your table. That lack of confidence in your business is the opening your family and friends use to get their say in what you’re doing. In my experience when those people weigh in on my decisions they truly mean well and they intend to be offering helpful advice, but it can really start to bog you down. If that’s happening to you, here’s a few things you need to remember!

  1. Think for yourself and remember you are the boss. You are the boss. You’re the only boss. Nobody else can ultimately make any of the business decisions except for you. That’s why you started this thing in the first place, so nobody else could tell you how to do your job! Think of taking other people’s suggestions in the most positive way possible and when they suggest things that put you on edge practice saying, “Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely keep it in mind.” It’s your job as the business owner to hear what people want and need and then process the information later and make the best decision for you and your business.
  2. Know that you’re the only one who can be an expert in how you like to do things. So many businesses are built based on the business owner, so marketing your personality is how you attract customers and it’s part of the customer experience. You have to remember that if your business is structured like that you are truly the only expert in you. Nobody else can be you better than you. I can rattle off more cliches if you’d like, but the point is other people may offer ideas, suggestions and tips for you, but they might not be a good fit because this thing is all about you and not about them.BTS 2
  3. Don’t let your spouse or family make business decisions for you. It may surprise you to hear, but in my experience as a business coach the last four years I see a lot of business owners hesitant to try things or change their business because their spouse or other family members likes or dislikes various ideas or strategies for whatever reason. Remember that even though your spouse may be your partner in everything else when it comes to buying a house, making decisions, and raising a child – this business doesn’t have to be a partnership if you don’t want it to be. It’s okay to let it be your thing and not theirs. You can totally do this on your own. Every couple and family dynamic is different so I’m not advocating that you ditch your spouse or that family member you love and give them the finger and run. If working together works best for you – awesome, keep doing it. If you feel the pressure of your spouse always giving their advice on your business or you find yourself bringing them up in conversation about your business and offering their opinions, “My wife says….” or “My husband thinks…” You might want to stop and ask yourself what YOU think you should do and turn off those other influences. Being a team with your family or spouse may be wonderful, but I find the best way to think through a problem for myself is to do it on my own and evaluate all the pros and cons before presenting it to any family member for “review.” Chances are I’m stubborn and already made my decision, but I’d rather make bad decisions on my own and learn from them then never get out there and try things because my father/wife/husband/brother/etc. doesn’t think I should.

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