Have you ever had a huge dream? Thought to yourself as a business owner, wouldn’t it be awesome if I did something like this? Then you probably thought, ‘Nah.’ Because sometimes dreams just seem too big, right?

Back in November 2016, I had an idea. I had just been to Palm Springs for The Blink Conference. It’s by far the best conference I’ve ever attended. One of the speakers, in particular, did a talk about collaboration and stepping outside of your safe bubble. To be honest, I rarely step out of my business bubble. I like to do things that are safe, where I can predict the outcome. I like a low-risk business. However, even I know low-risk business endeavors never pay off very well. The talk was about getting out there, dreaming big, and then calling whoever you needed to call to make that dream happen. You have to stop being afraid of hearing the words ‘no.’

So when I came home, I started dreaming. I have always felt the photography industry, in particular, is terrible about its educational speakers and leaders. It’s often the same people over and over again teaching the same things year after year. It’s sameness, and I’m over it. It’s also “sameness” on so many different levels. I have my degree in teaching, so that bias often makes me seek out actionable tips when I attend conferences. I don’t just want to hear how awesome your photos are and how awesome you are at taking them. I want you to teach me a few things that I can walk away with at that very moment and make a change for the better as a business owner. Instead, we see a lot of leadership doing crazy amounts of talks that are mostly motivation. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love feeling motivated. I just believe there’s something so much more to education than motivating people to feel better or creating speeches that make people cry and then patting yourself on the back at the end of the day if one or two people have shed tears. I’ve been craving a certain type of leadership, education, and diversity in the photography industry that I’m just not seeing. I’ve spent years complaining about it to like minded friends. I’ve done a few things here and there to try and change it, but that’s where this idea of collaboration and just having big dreams comes in. Why not have my online summit with the types of leaders and educators I want to see more of in the creative world? The worst that could happen is proposing the idea to people and they could say no, right?

I came up with a very basic idea to have online broadcasts, like webinars, for a few days with different speakers. I had no idea how I was going to pull this off alone, though. The more I thought about it, the more I knew if it were just up to me to market, manage the tech side and make it awesome, I would fall short. You can’t be everything to everyone. So I turned to my business partners at Made in the Lab and said I have a big idea. I’m pretty lucky that Jason and Rachael totally embraced it. As a team, we managed, to pull off something bigger and better than I could even imagine. We had nearly 700 people register for this online summit, and I had the pleasures of pitching to sponsors and speakers that I knew would make the world a better place. I’m pretty damn proud, you guys. I can’t hide it. It’s amazing to see something you dreamed up that seems too big, come to life in less than two months. Now it’s opening up all kinds of doors for everyone involved, and I can’t wait to take what we did at this summit and make it better than ever later. We have a few excellent ideas up our sleeve thanks to Jason’s clever thinking.

I know it’s silly to write a blog post about being proud of something you’ve accomplished. The truth is, as a business owner, most of your ideas fail. Failure becomes this thing that is inevitable and a part of your journey to success. So when something positive happens, I believe it we should celebrate it. Celebrating our accomplishments are what keep us going and achieving more.

During the Revive Summit, I did my own free talk about branding, 7 Ways to Put Personality in Your Business this year. It’s free, and you can watch the replay right here in this blog post. I wore a purple unicorn onesie just to drive home some of those branding points.

However, the best part is that my HUGE online branding course releases Friday, March 3rd. You can purchase it anytime and watch as much as you want whenever you want. This Branding course is the cornerstone of what Rock Your Weird is all about. Creating a branding message that doesn’t just exist in your logo or color scheme, or as an awesome idea. It’s about actually utilizing that branding message in your social media, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogging. There are so many branding courses that help you figure out what makes you unique, but they don’t teach you how actually to leverage that in your physical marketing. It’s one thing to have a brand, but it’s another thing actually to know how to use it. So this course will help you with that. The best part is that it’s a branding course combined with a Pinterest marketing course, an Instagram marketing course, and a blogging course. It’s normally $299, but if you use one of the few $75 off coupons from the Revive Summit, you can grab it for way cheaper. The code is: REVIVE. I’d love to see you inside the online classroom, watching videos, asking questions and figuring out how to do this whole branding thing without the BS.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the story behind Revive Summit and you know that even your biggest dreams happen with a few collaborators. I hope you can learn from a few of these tips and get ready to up your Instagram game! If you’re interested in more awesome stuff like this, follow Rock Your Weird on our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to get updates. You can also subscribe below to my weekly ‘behind the business’ newsletter full of insight on how running a business goes down behind the scenes. You get to be a fly on my wall and learn from my successes and failures with me! We have a Facebook community where you can join and get some business help from other entrepreneurs like yourself.

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