Rock Your Weird’s Brand Coaching is an online coaching program to give you the tools you need to build a successful brand for your business. The goal of brand coaching is for you to learn about who you are, what makes your business unique, and learn how to integrate those things into your blog, website, and social media presence to attract the kinds of clients you’ll love.


Rock Your Weird’s brand coaching is a 6-week program unlike any other. In this brand course we focus on the emotional side of your brand and how your customers connect with you. I help you learn what is unique about you and your business, give you the confidence to own it and then the knowledge to implement that into your online presence. So many branding courses give you the knowledge and trust that you’ll put it into place yourself. Instead of just telling you what to do, I help you develop a social media schedule, blogging schedule and entire online presence plan that’s easy for you to implement. If you struggle with knowing what to put on social media or what to blog about, this program is going to create a custom plan of attack just for you and built around the uniqueness of you and your business. Not only will we discuss these things, but we’ll also develop some goals for keeping consistent and tools you can use to help you perfect your online presence.

Personality marketing is an important aspect in today’s world and as a creative entrepreneur you need to know how to connect well with your clients. The steps you’ll learn in coaching will help you not only know your business better, but will help you build trust with your clients. Ultimately you’ll come out of this coaching program with a whole new approach of how you want to do business and with the motivation to make some big and amazing changes.


tinyunicorn Are you the sole owner of your business?
tinyunicorn Do you struggle with figuring out what kind of content to post on social media and how often?
tinyunicorn Are you interested in figuring out how you can use Pinterest to bring traffic to your business?
tinyunicorn Do you ever feel like you need to blog, but don’t even know how to start or what to write about?
tinyunicorn Do you feel like you’re a bad writer?
tinyunicorn Does your bio on your website feel blah and uninteresting?
tinyunicorn Do you feel like your business is missing that something unique in its online presence?

If you answered “yes” to some of these questions you might be a great match for coaching with Rock Your Weird’s program. I believe that customers only want to invest in businesses that are investing in themselves. Coaching is a great way to invest knowledge, new ideas, and techniques into your business and show your clients that you’re always striving to do things better than ever.


tinyunicorn Week 1: Identify the things that make both you and your business truly unique

tinyunicorn Week 2: Dive into your website presence by changing wording on your bio, information and contact forms so your website sounds like you. Learn how to identify if someone is an ideal client for you.
tinyunicorn Week 3: Finalize website wording and start developing a marketing plan and goals for your business in the long term.
tinyunicorn Week 4: Everything you need to know about Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for social media marketing. Customized social media posting schedule and content plan.
tinyunicorn Week 5: Everything you need to know about blogging. Custom blog schedule and content plan. Learn how to format blog posts and make writing easy even if you aren’t a natural.
tinyunicorn Week 6: Final meeting and follow up with Q&A.


You have two options for coaching in either a small group of 10 or one-on-one. You can purchase either below. Doors open for coaching only 3-4 times per year and sign up is first-come, first-serve. If the upcoming coaching spots are filled you can sign up to be on the waitlist for the next session. Waitlisters will be the first to know when sign ups are available and will be eligible for a registration discount!

Upcoming Coaching Dates: 

  • The next set of coaching dates will be released in November 2016! Sign up for the waitlist above to be notified!

Group Coaching Price: $399 per person

Individual Coaching Price: $799 per person

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