10 tools every marketer needs in their toolboxSome tools for all you marketers out there that I love and can help you rock it in your own business!

Coschedule – This is a WordPress blog plugin that allows you to go into individual blog posts and schedule social media updates to Twitter and Facebook with a link to that blog post. It’s perfect for re-posting awesome blogs from your archive that you want people to continue to visit. It’s also great if you write a lot of blog posts in advance because it allows you to schedule a social media update for when the blog post goes live. Then you don’t have to deal with the mess of trying to schedule a social media post to go with your blog in advance, but the preview link doesn’t work correctly on Facebook or something like that. Coschedule makes everything incredibly seamless!

Meet Edgar – Edgar is by far one of my favorite marketing tools of all time. I don’t know why it took so long for someone to come up with this idea. There are so many social media posts that do well and would do well when posted consistently, but we’re often afraid of re-using content. What if you could build a library full of content so you could re-use it (not often) and new followers would get to see things you’ve posted before that were successful? Edgar works on a schedule and library content based system that allows you to schedule and automate social media posts in advance. You can build an entire library of updates in various categories and then schedule those categories and then Edgar takes care of the rest. It’s seriously amazing. I own four businesses (yes I’m nuts) and it saves me at least 10 hours a week that I would normally have spent scheduling all my social media in advance for the next week. Instead I just spent time building the library and I do a little bit of library maintenance now and then, but Edgar takes care of the rest. It’s really my number one tool of all time!

Schedugram – For years people have been asking for tools that would allow them to schedule Instagram posts in advance. However our main choices have been things like Latergram. Don’t get me wrong, Latergram is an amazing scheduling tool for Instagram. The only catch is that while you can write posts in advance and assign them a time, you only get a reminder sent to your phone to post them live. You still have to drop everything you are doing to go in and post it. Schedugram is an Instagram scheduling tool that fully allows you to automate scheduling your posts. There’s no reminder system, you just input the info like you would with any social media you wanted to schedule, assign a time, and Schedugram posts it for you. That way you can go do awesome things for your business while you’re still having a consistent Instagram presence.

Business Management Software – You need some time of business management software in your life. To organize clients, email lists, sales, and interactions anything else. This can be an awesome marketing tool by automating an email set up to your clients and just helping you stay on top of everything. Pixifi is my personal favorite.

Daily Schedule – Creating a schedule for yourself is free, but it’s also freeing! Make a schedule for you to follow on days when you’re working from home or wherever you are. That daily schedule can help you keep every aspect of your business organized and on track. When you feel organized you’ll have a lot more time and energy to put into marketing efforts and you won’t feel as bogged down by all the other stuff behind the scenes. Build some time just for marketing into your schedule too. Spend 30 minutes in the morning commenting on your followers comments or posts on their social media accounts!

Hootsuite – This is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to automate some of your posts. While I use Edgar and Schedugram for all my scheduling because it’s far more automated I still use Hootsuite in my business workflow. What I love about Hootsuite is that I can pull in streams from each social media platform and account and respond to all the comments, tweets, mentions, etc from one place. Instead of logging into Instagram, Facebook and Twitter individually to engage with my followers and then finding myself distracted by other posts, I can stay focused and get stuff done in Hootsuite!

Task Management App – Everyone has to manage a to-do list of some kind. If you like organization or hate it, but know you need more of it in your life it may be time to find a task managing app for your phone. I’ve tried out tons and while they are all pretty great (Wunderlist, Evernote, etc) I’m in love with an app called TickTick, which I’ve downloaded on my computer, phone and watch so it all syncs together. I can schedule tasks in advance, check off lists, and schedule tasks to repeat regularly. Just find one that works for you and rock it.

Accounting App – An app for accounting can help you keep all those expenses and profits sorted for taxes later. There are tons of great ones out there, but I really love the feel of Freshbooks. I also like photographing an expense receipt when I have one and just loading it into the app and not having to worry about it again!

Love is the Killer App – This book is one of my favorites of all time. It reminds me of the role of networking and its importance in marketing overall. It’s also taught me so many great lessons about customer service and interaction that I typically read it about once a year so I can try to remind myself of its lessons.

Periscope – I’m still incredibly new to Periscope, but I am loving its immediacy and new level of interaction as a social media platform. Periscope is worth learning about and seeing if it’s a good fit for your business style.

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