3 Reasons You Need Edgar for Social Media ManagementI’m that weird creative type. The type that likes organization, advance planning, to-do lists and cleanliness. Not all creatives are like that. Most creatives can thrive in a messy environment as much as a clean one. I, on the other hand, really like to have a plan of attack when it comes to my online presence and social media.

It all started for me a couple years ago when I was taking a long trip overseas and I wasn’t sure if my internet access would be sufficient enough to continue to manage business. I knew at the very least I’d be able to check my email and get back to my client inquiries. At least I’d have that. I thought it would be more awesome if my social media posts and blog posts could still go on and update without me needing to get online and post. So I started looking at options. You can schedule posts for Facebook, right on Facebook. That’s great. I used that for awhile. You can also schedule blog posts to publish in advance in WordPress. Perfect!

Once I had done my initial scheduling for that trip I was hooked. I was hooked on the idea that as a business owner pretty much anything can happen. Illness, travel, emergencies…you name it. When those things come up it’s almost impossible to keep a consistent social media presence and consistency is key when it comes to blogging and social media. I started using tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter and my obsession with planning in advance just spiraled from there.

After a couple years of going in every week or two weeks and scheduling everything in advance I started to feel the weight of how monotonous that whole routine is. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could re-use some updates to remind people every week at the same day and time of something that happened regularly? As a photographer, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just post an old photo from my portfolio on a daily basis instead of just posting photos only when I have sneak peeks? I don’t alway shoot, so it would be nice to post images the rest of the year too, so I always look busy and I’m always promoting myself with a consistent presence. I hoped and wished for something that would cycle through updates or let me post repetitive ones to save me some time. Last fall, with the prospect of opening 2 new businesses and becoming an owner of 4…well the social media scheduling for that just looked daunting. Sure, I could hire an assistant to manage it all for me, right?

But then I found Meet Edgar! All my dreams were answered (for reals) and here’s why.

  • You can re-use social media updates! Edgar is a totally different social media scheduling and management tool. It’s premise is built on the idea that since a social post you make may never reach all of your followers, you should be re-using updates. Edgar let’s you build a whole library of updates and categorize them. From there you can assign the categories to different times and days of the week. And once you do that…your job is done. Edgar takes it from there and starts posting them. Edgar also comes with a “use once” category, which I have assigned to several days of the week. When I photograph weddings and have sneak peeks, I just load them in the “use once” category and let them post throughout the week so I’m spreading out that excitement and anticipation from my clients and their friends and family.
  • It makes the decisions for you! One of the things I’ve been reading about recently is how a lot of big-name CEOs do things like wear the same outfit every day so they don’t have to waste precious brain power on deciding what to wear. Not the EXACT same clothes, I assure you. They just own 25 of the same shirt and 25 of the same pants so they always have to wear the same thing. Having to decide what to post every week on social media can be an exhausting task to do on a regular basis. Once you build your library in Edgar, it makes the decisions for you and you can just sit back and relax. I have Edgar posts in different categories in various amounts, but most of them are in groups of 52 or 26, and then each category is assigned weekly so Edgar will cycle through that entire category’s library once a year or once every 6 months and then repeat itself. Decision making is done. The only decisions I have to make after building my library are updates. I might go in annually or twice a year and make some updates and changes to social media based on what I see doing well or not so well.
  • It’s cheaper than a social media assistant! Okay, here’s the thing about Edgar. People hear about how awesome it is and then they go see how much it costs and they get sticker shock. Yes, it’s $49 a month. That seems like a lot. It seemed like a lot to me too, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in business. It’s way cheaper than a social media assistant, and if you own multiple businesses? Even better! What once took me hours every week, now takes me no time at all. I know that monthly bill seems painful, but it pays off. By having a consistent social media presence I’m booking clients and making more money consistently. That consistent social media presence creates a trust between the customer and I and it makes booking even easier. Some of you won’t like spending that much and that’s okay, but being a business owner is always full of risks. Some investments are great for people and some aren’t. It’s okay if this one isn’t for you. However, for those of you who know what a difference a consistent social media presence can make…this can change your life.

If you’re asking if I’ve made money off this post the answer is no. I wish I was, haha! I’m just sharing Edgar with you because it’s been such a huge game-changer for me. With 4 businesses this saves me about 10 hours a week of social media scheduling. In that 10 hours I was deciding, writing and scheduling each post individually. Now I just spent the time up front building the library and tiny amount of time managing it. Do you know how many days that 10 hours a week is in a year? 21 DAYS! I used to spend 21 FULL DAYS every year scheduling social media. Now I spend maybe one managing the library. I can take that 3 weeks of my life and use it on other productive business endeavors, or time with my family. To me, time is money and I love knowing that I have freed up so much time and can use it to re-invest in business or life.

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