3 tips for organizing your pinterestA few years ago if you went to my Pinterest account it was full of electric awesomeness, but it was hard to find what you wanted. I really had no strategy and especially no organization. Now that I’ve spent a good deal of time perfecting my marketing strategy on Pinterest I can say it’s truly made a difference. The biggest difference comes from simple organization. My Pinterest used to look like an unbranded jumbled mess of my personality. Like someone had just gone into my living room and thrown laundry all over the place.

Now it’s a beautiful little corner of the internet with loads of potential. Some of these organization tips helped it grow too! Today I’m passing some of these organizational tips to you. Maybe your Pinterest can stop looking like someone threw up all over the place and start being an organized place where your followers can find some awesome stuff easily!

Account Description

Up at the top of everyone’s Pinterest account you have a space to tell visitors who you are and point them in the direction of your other projects. Take the time to put up a clever little description up at the top to tell people who you are and what you do. You can also link directly to your business’ website and your social media. It only takes a few minutes to set up, but it helps give your Pinterest board an organized strategy.

Board Titles

Each board has a main photo it displays on the home page of your Pinterest account. You select that photo when you go into the board and individually edit that board’s options. You can only select from the existing images you’ve pinned to the board. While it looks awesome to have other people’s beautiful imagery as thumbnails on your Pinterest account, it looks even more organized when you’ve created custom title graphics for each board. These display the board title in a colorful and organized way. They can actually help draw more traffic to your account by making it easy for visitors to see each board’s topic. The best way to create these is in Photoshop or Canva. Download the files to your computer and then upload each one to their respective board. From them you can edit that board’s options and select the uploaded pin as the cover image. Voila, your Pinterest account can be instantly organized like a pro!

Board Descriptions and Categories

Customizing each board’s description and selecting the matching category is a step that we often forget. When we’re pinning we see something that catches our eye. We create a new board, and simply write in a title and go on pinning. Pinterest is like a gigantic visual search engine. One of the things they search when you type something in is the board descriptions and categories. If you’re a business owner and want to be found, it’s worthwhile to put some time into organizing your boards a little bit. Go into each individual board and edit the board description to write sentence or two of what that board is about. Then select the category it fits in best. From there people will be more likely to find you with a little simple organization!

The biggest effort that a little organization will take is time. It may take you some time to come up with a clever description, to connect your social media, make little board titles in Photoshop or Canva and then give each board a description as well. However, the payoff is huge! If you have an open afternoon or an evening after the kids go to bed, sit down and start by making a list of all the boards you have and the titles so you can create them quickly from a list instead of making it a time-consuming endeavor.

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