5 reasons to use schedugram to schedule instagram postsIf you’ve read this blog at all before then you’ll know I’m a big fan of automation in general. Anything that I can automate in business so I can spend that time in a more valuable place is amazing to me. There are so many great things you can automate, like emails with clients, and Facebook and Twitter posts with Edgar. Instagram is its own beast though. I found a really great service a couple years ago called Schedugram which I’ve been using to automate posting to Instagram. I mingle automated posts with spontaneous ones to get the best out of both worlds. Here are some reasons I think Schedugram is the absolute best option for automating your Instagram posts.

  1. It’s the only truly automated Instagram scheduling service. Everything else, like Hootsuite or Latergram, allow you to pre load and write a post, but require you to still go in and post it at the time scheduled. Those are more like reminder services. You have to drop everything you’re doing and go into your phone to post. Schedugram is the only truly automated service where you can load posts up and they just automatically post them. There’s no stopping what you’re doing and going in to make sure it happens. It just happens. This is the biggest reason I use Schedugram over any other service. I don’t want to stop working on a project just to make a post go live. I want it to happen automatically in the background so I can truly use my time wisely.
  2. It’s easier to upload photos directly from your computer. Schedugram is a web service, so you start an account and log into it from an internet browser. From there you can upload your images. If you have photos that weren’t taken on your phone and you’d don’t want to lose resolution, this is definitely one of the best ways to ensure you keep quality great. You upload directly into your browser and Schedugram posts at the time you schedule.
  3. It’s a time saver! Obviously using any service to automate Instagram posts is a time saver. Instead of having to think of what you want to post on any given day you schedule it all in advance and then let it run for you. You can schedule really far in advance if you’d like, it doesn’t just have to be soon. The time you spend scheduling posts in advance allows you to have a much more consistent presence on your social media, which creates a lot of trust from your followers. Plus when you schedule posts in advance you don’t have to lose time getting distracted when you do individually load Instagram posts or post from your phone. I always find myself getting distracted in Instagram clicking hashtags and looking at profiles whenever I’m logged into the app, so this is a great way to make sure I’m spending my time well.
  4. You can schedule and access multiple Instagram accounts from one login. If you manage multiple businesses or multiple accounts you can add all of those accounts to your Schedugram one, although they price by the account. At least this way you can upload and schedule posts to all of your Instagram accounts from one easy place instead of logging in and out of different accounts.
  5. You can schedule a first comment and hashtags. Yay! You can also schedule a caption, a first comment, and hashtags in advance. Hashtags are hard for me to think of on the go, so this is a plus to scheduling Instagram posts in advance. I can really think about what hashtags would be the most useful for any given post and use them.

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I don’t write about Schedugram because I’m affiliated with them or get any kickbacks. In fact, I get nothing but the satisfaction I’m telling you guys about an awesome tool that’s helped me a ton in business. If you’re looking for a way to automate some of your Instagram posting and put that time to better use in your business Schedugram is an awesome tool. They do have a free 7-day trial so you can give it a go. Any time I’ve had a road bump with the company they’ve also provided quick and great customer service as well.

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