Did you know that Instagram typically sees more engagement than Facebook these days? Some of us are still hanging on Facebook by its last threads as it seems to unravel before our eyes. I see photographers especially still pushing Facebook and trying to gain clients that way with little success. At the same time, we’re unwilling to push our Instagram harder where we statistically have a much bigger potential to find clients, readers, and followers.


Now and then I do see a couple of people pushing their Instagram harder, but it’s such a different type of platform it’s easy to make mistakes that can cost you growth. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes that are keeping your Instagram from growing.


  1. Business owners who do not use Instagram at all. How many of you have ever started an Instagram account, seen little interaction and then you haven’t logged in or posted in days, then weeks, and then even months? Instagram is beginning to see even more engagement than other social media platforms. It also converts into sales very well. So if you’ve been ignoring your Instagram account that’s the biggest possible mistake, you could be making. More and more people are using it to find services and products, and if you’re not there, you’re not getting found.
  2. The mistake of forgetting a bio link. On your Instagram account, you have space to write a couple of quick sentences about who you are and what you do as well as add a link to somewhere else on the web. Your bio is the only place where links are clickable on Instagram. Links in actual posts aren’t clickable, so having a link where people can find more of you online is imperative to converting followers into paying customers. Don’t forget to link to your blog, store, website or wherever else potential clients can find out about your services. Instagram is a dead end without somewhere else for followers to click and find you.
  3. Posting too many photos all at once. I’ve totally been this person, and I bet you have too. You’re all excited to post some new pictures, but you’re impatient so instead of spacing them out over the course of a day or a week you post 4 or 5 photos all at once on Instagram, jamming up people’s newsfeeds with all of your photos. Don’t do this, just don’t. I know you’re excited to share all the awesome things in the world all at once, but you can keep consistent high engagement by spreading out that excitement over a period instead of posting everything all at once. When you post everything all at once, and then you get to a new day, and you’re asking yourself, “I don’t know what to put on Instagram today…” well that’s why you should spread things out!
  4. Having a private account. Instagram has a couple of different options, a public account and a private one. If your business account is private, how do you expect to be found if potential followers can’t see a dang thing you’re posting? If you’re worried about people finding out your personal information, and that’s why you’re staying private. Just don’t post that kind of stuff on the internet. If something needs to be private, just keep it private. Don’t let your business suffer because you want to keep private things private, but you also want to share them at the same time. If it’s your kids you are worried about, a separate Instagram account that’s private is best for your kiddos in that scenario.
  5. Not using hashtags, especially ones that count. Hashtags are where it’s at on Instagram. It’s how people use it as a search engine. Hashtags are clickable, and when you click, you see the latest in who used that same hashtag on a post. When you’re not using hashtags, you will find it harder to get found. That said when you do use hashtags you need to use ones that count. Popular ones like “#love” won’t get you anywhere since that hashtag is so general and fast moving. However, you also don’t want to use made up hashtags anybody else is using, or long ones. Take the time to do some research and see what kinds of hashtags will be best for your business and attract the types of followers you need to convert them into paying customers!
  6. Not engaging with other Instagram users. Engaging with other users on Instagram is one of the best ways to further your account. If you’re just posting, using a few hashtags and doing everything else except engaging with other users, there’s only so far you can go. You need to be starting up conversations with other people, liking their photos, and following them to gain that kind of engagement back on your account. Please don’t just post and run. Be the kind of person who reaches out to others on Instagram. When you take the time to engage with someone else you’re taking the time to show them you care about having them follow you.
  7. Making your account a business account. Instagram now has a business account set up. There are all kinds of perks to changing your account to business. You get to see statistics on your posts and engagement. However, so many people are reporting less engagement overall since switching to a business account that I’m  pretty sure this is Instagram’s way to get us to purchase advertising. Turn you to a business account, automatically show your photos less to your followers, so you feel like you have to advertise to get engagement. I recommend just not switching. I haven’t switched any of my accounts for all four businesses, and I have zero regrets. Engagement is consistent and high, and I’m just going to keep what works for now. However, I can’t fault Instagram for possibly trying to get away with this method. They are also a business, so they like to make money too.


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