7 tips for creating a brand inspiration board on pinterestIf you’re doing a re-brand of the visual side of your business then you’ve probably started creating an inspiration board on Pinterest for your new brand. Not everyone is as adept as a graphic designer at really curating a visual brand and vibe that fits exactly what they’re looking for. So I’ve put together a few tips for creating an inspiration board that might help you create your brand if you’re doing it yourself, or might help your graphic designer really understand your new visual brand if you’re struggling to communicate it.



  • Don’t limit your pins to only things you 100% love. It’s easy to go through Pinterest and only want to pin the stuff you really really really like. Then you cut out things that are okay, but not perfect and you may end up creating a vision that isn’t entirely what you want. It’s okay to pin things that have a color scheme you don’t like, or a font you don’t like and include those things too. Basically, your pins don’t need to be absolutely perfect.
  • Write what you like and don’t like in the description of the pin. This is the reason your pins don’t have to be perfect. If you found something you liked, and you liked everything about it except the font then pin it and write in the description just that. That way you know you like the vibe, but not the font or whatever it may be. You’re not always going to find pins that have the perfect vibe, the perfect font, the perfect texture or the perfect color scheme because your brand is unique and maybe nothing like it exists yet!


  • Don’t just pin visuals, pin anything that has a vibe you like. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the visual side of building a brand, but I recommend pinning anything that has a vibe that fits your idea for a brand. If there’s a quote or saying that makes sense then pin that too so you know you’re getting your message across visually and in words.


  • Pin textures. If there are textures you really love with your brand then take the time to pin them. Textures are something we often forget while building a visual brand. If you know you want a really vintage brand then you’ll want to look up textures like lace, old wood, etc and pin those too.
  • Pin fonts. Searching for fonts on Pinterest can be really fun and overwhelming, but it’s a great way to help pick fonts that you like for your logo.
  • Pin logos you love. Sometimes the best place to start getting logo ideas is to search for logos and pin ones that have elements you like. Don’t forget to write down what parts you like and don’t like of the logos in the descriptions of the pins too!
  • Pin colors you love. If you’re not sure what colors you want for your color scheme then searching for things that are colors you love can help a lot. In fact, it can also really help you discover textures and other design elements for your brand. Over at Made in the Lab’s Pinterest account there are a ton of color inspiration boards you’re welcome to re-pin from!

Enjoy creating a Pinterest board while building your new brand because it can be really fun! If you have any tips to add, leave them for us in the comments! If you’re interested in more blog posts like this follow Rock Your Weird on our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to get updates. You can also subscribe below to my weekly ‘behind the business’ newsletter full of insight on how running a business actually goes down behind the scenes. You get to be a fly on my wall and learn from my successes and failures with me! We have a Facebook community where you can join and get some business help from other entrepreneurs like yourself. You can also find me out on Periscope regularly broadcasting awesome stuff for you too! Thanks for reading!

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