aboutimageIf you’re a photographer you’ve probably always wanted to go to photography events, conferences and workshops. Maybe you’ve never been able to afford it. Maybe the ticket prices are too expensive. It’s tough. When you own a business you need to know you’re making the right investments and sometimes that $2,000 newborn workshop is just out of reach.

Here’s what you probably do know. You know you can’t pay that much. You know your business is stuck and not going anywhere. You know something needs to change. Maybe you just don’t know what needs to change.

Well friends, it’s time to save the date June 5th-7th 2017 in Colorado (Denver/Estes Park). You can come to Photo Camp where we’ll be learning all sorts of things about branding, blogging and social media. Tickets are only $99!

This will be the fourth year I’ve offered an annual event. Each year I learn new things from it, change it, and try new things. I’m really excited for next year’s event. Next year will be the first year we won’t be doing styled shoots at the event. We’ll be focusing entirely on learning, branding, business, blogging, and social media. You’ll be learning about ways you can take your marketing to the next level in an affordable way. Social media and blogging are two of the biggest things I’ve done. They’ve grown my business tremendously. I love taking the time to pass down as much knowledge as possible to you on how to rock it yourself.

I’d love for you to come and tickets are only $99 until we run out. There’s no guarantee we’ll have them available later. Plus, you need to plan your trips for next summer right now!

You can purchase tickets >HERE<

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