create social media ritualsA social ritual is something every business owner needs. In the last decade social media has drastically changed the way we view the world and conduct business. Social media and technology are changing so quickly. There’s always a new social platform popping up and it’s hard to know right away if it’s going to be the next big thing, or how it will affect existing social media platforms. Being a business owner is hard enough without all the social media upkeep in our lives, right? That’s why setting up a social media ritual or routine to help you stay on top of social media can help you get your life back!

Here are a few tips to help you develop a social media routine or ritual that can help you stay on top of everything.

  1. Plan update ideas ahead of time. Sometimes I like to sit and have a social media brainstorming session and re-evaluate if the types of content I’m posting are successful or not. Or maybe there’s a new type of content that I’d like to work into my social media plan of attack with business. Sometimes as a business owner it’s easy to get distracted by doing the actual work – making the social media posts or whatever it is you do in business and we forget to take the time to just brainstorm ideas and look at our business from a bird’s-eye-view. Take the time to brainstorm regularly and plan some new ideas ahead of time. I know a couple business owners who have a brainstorming session for business booked into their schedule once a week. That’s where they just sit down in silence and think with an empty notebook or a dry erase board and spend some time planning business strategy rather than executing it.
  2. Create a social media schedule. Making a schedule of what content to post and when can help you start developing a routine right away. Let’s be realistic though, sometimes it’s easy to plan these things and not spend the time making them happen afterward and that’s okay. Take the time to plan and then take action when you’re ready. Taking the time to plan out a schedule might make you feel more motivated to actually complete the task. A schedule can also help you create awesome consistency with your presence, which definitely helps you grow a quality following!
  3. Spend a day once a week or once every couple weeks scheduling updates in advance. It would be awesome if all social media could be completely spontaneous, but you’re a business owner you’ve got other stuff to do too! Maybe you have a family to attend to or errands to run. It’s really hard to continually post in a consistent manner on social media. Since consistency is definitely a key to success it’s especially useful to schedule all your social media posts in advance, because it gives you the freedom to be more present and productive in other areas of your life knowing that your social media presence is consistent and taken care of. I spend a couple hours once a week or every couple weeks just scheduling updates to be posted in advance and then I don’t have to worry about coming up with content for awhile, which is incredibly freeing! is one of my favorite tools to use for scheduling social media because it works so different from the usual way we schedule it. Instead of making an update and putting a time on it, you create a schedule of all the various types of content you want to post and on which days, each bit of content has its own category and then you can great a library of updates in each category and Edgar will automatically cycle through them and schedule the updates itself. A major time saver for any business owner who wants to stay on top of social media!
  4. Check in daily to manage your social media. Part of a good social media ritual is spending about 30 minutes or so once a day to check in on various social media platforms. Respond to comments, make sure your content is going the way you want it to, engage with people who engage with you. That way you can take the scheduled content you’re posting and still have some spontaneous engagement!

Here’s to developing a social media ritual that helps you manage business and life much easier than you used to! If you’re interested in more blog posts like this follow Rock Your Weird on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get updates. You can also subscribe below to my weekly ‘behind the business’ newsletter full of insight on how running a business actually goes down behind the scenes. You get to be a fly on my wall and learn from my successes and failures with me! We have a Facebook community where you can join and get some business help from other entrepreneurs like yourself. You can also find me on Periscope regularly broadcasting awesome stuff for you too! Thanks for reading, and if you have any additional tips that can help others manage their social media rituals better – leave them in the comments!


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