You’re here because you need to find that something missing from your business. You need to level up your online presence. You want to learn about how to tackle social media and how to be yourself in your business. You probably know a business that you love following on social media because there’s just something that draws you in and makes you feel connected to their message. You need that for yourself! Rock Your Weird has the resources to help you find that thing and really help you understand your business from the inside out. You’ll learn social media expertise, how to blog, how you can automate your business, branding strategies and tons more! This start page will walk you through some of Rock Your Weird’s information for new members of our community. Have a look around, learn what we’re about and don’t hesitate to ask questions!


Rock Your Weird is a solution to the problem of branding in the business world. So many business owners think branding is a logo and a color scheme for their website and online presence, but they forget that a brand is so much more than that. Your brand is also how people will emotionally connect to your business. Developing that emotional connection with your fans, followers, and clients is the hardest part of building a brand, but also the most important. It creates a trusting relationship and drives more business. I believe that it’s possible for every business to have that kind of emotional awareness in their online presence and I believe it’s my job to help you find it. Since branding encompasses more than a message Rock Your Weird is a place to also learn how to take that message to social media and your blog effectively. This makes branding a whole education instead of a partial one. You can learn how to automate your business, blog, and handle social media like a pro!

What usually makes a business unique are the people or the person behind it and I believe that putting a little bit of soul back into your business on your website, blog and social media can completely change the types of customers you attract and create an intense loyalty or following that increases your business overall. If you’ve felt like your business is lacking that soul, the personality or that deeper connection Rock Your Weird’s signature branding program will be a great option to help you find yourself in your business.


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7-Day Blog Challenge: This free 7-day course will be released in January of 2017 and is free! It’s a great place to learn the basics of blogging!


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